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Window Installation

window-installBrand new, great looking windows are nothing without excellent installation. Even the most energy efficient window will cease to give adequate protection from the elements if it is poorly installed. Since we strive to give quality service and ensure customer satisfaction, we guarantee that our installed windows of your choice will keep your warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our expansive knowledge of many different styles and brands of windows ensures that you will have a proper fitting window that also suits the needs of your home. Whether you are looking to simply update your home's windows or change the mood of a room, Great Lakes Construction can help achieve your home window needs.

Prices vary upon style, number of windows, and how the windows are installed. We specialize in a variety of installation techniques to properly insulate your home, increase the longevity of your windows, and enhance your home's value and appearance.

Allow your home's bay windows to come alive with our specialty installation of copper roof housings directly above the bay windows. Rain water will naturally fall away from your windows, resulting in a drier home. The look of your home's exterior will be enhanced with such a customized window hood. Give your home a more elegant style, more of a sense of character, and increase your home's value at the same time with the addition of our copper work. As noted, we offer a variety of products and windows. Below is a sampling of quality window brands we offer and install to improve your home:

Let Great Lakes Construction help to keep your home adequately insulated and ventilated with the installation of new windows by our window experts!